Rachid Nini Arrested… Again

Al Massae newspaper reported that its executive editor Rachid Nini has been arrested. According to the newspaper, Mr. Nini is being investigated for articles al-Massae has been publishing the lead prosecutor at the appeals court in Casablanca, Abdellah Belghiti, in an official statement, deemed harshly critical of governmental institutions. The latter pronounced a host of charges against Nini chief of which is “being a threat to national security.

Some see Nini’s arrest as political retaliation. Al Massae journalists and Nini through his editorials have been exposing the corrosive and highly unethical economic practices of the government and especially the Fassi-Fehri clan, relative to the privatization of public administrations and national institutions. Al Massae contends that the Moroccan economy is virtually owned by foreign entities and denounced the government’s actions as a threat to national security and the wellbeing of the Moroccan citizen.

Rachid Nini

I don’t belong to Nini’s facebook fan club, but I find such arguments to have merit; In May, 2009, the Office National de l’Ectricité  (ONE)  – whose CEO is Ali Fassi-Fehri – signed a 30-year power purchase agreement with Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC (TAQA) to add two units of 350 Mw each to the Jorf Lasfar complex which is managed by the Jorf Lasfar Energy Company (JLEC), the first independent power producer in Morocco. JLEC currently provides more than 50 percent of the country’s electricity production. Water and electricity management for the city of Casablanca is handled by the French company Lydec; the contract for the construction of economy housing was given to Taameer, a Dubai company; the contract for urban management in Casablanca was given to a Spanish company and public transportation in many Moroccan cities has been given to ALSA, also a Spanish company. The list goes on and on.

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6 Responses to Rachid Nini Arrested… Again

  1. David James Vickery says:

    This article shows only a small part of the reasons why people are protesting in Morocco every week. They see evidence of foreign investment everywhere in what is supposedly their country, and they do not see any improvement in their own personal standard of living or employment prospects as a result. They have good reason to feel angry and this has absolutely nothing to do with so-called Islamism.

  2. hafid says:

    The arrestation has no meaning but one,the increasing popularity of Mr Nini,the incredibility which presents this brave journalist in quasi-majority of the Moroccan people terribly scares the government considering the him the first and ultimate menace,as a moroccan citizen,i see that this arrestation will have a disastrous consequences,we stand by you Mr Nini,you’re not alone.
    I wish i can make a call to all human rights organisations,especially those in the western countries to assist this journalist,governments as well.
    Please note,to whom it may concern,i am from kenitra,Morocco

  3. abderazak says:

    The Nini arrestation is a result of some unhappy people in Morocco, They had first,prior to his arrestation,make sure of what he was writting, if the thieves,he was talking about all the time,are annoyed,they should complain and if he is lying,then you jail him,,,but what for,the govenement,the ministry of none-justice will do the job for you……what you people do not know,is that it’s quite easy to send any one to jail in Morocco,,,and between you and me,I am only waiting results of the american lottery for this year,so wish me luck so I can piss off me too.

  4. Mujer Human says:

    The Reality behind the Marrakesh Attack and the Arrest of Mr. Rashid Nini

    On April 1st, the UN Security Council Resolution about Sahara blamed the Moroccan Government for its unfair action and lack of transparency towards Human Rights.
    To show to the International Community that Morocco is unlike the Arab States which are facing revolution and that Morocco is a targeted Country such as United States, Marrakesh Attack was planned on April 28th, same month so that those who were protesting in the streets of Morocco against Corruption in Morocccan Government, could be accused of planning the Terrorist Attack and then jailed. After that, Morocco will be calm and the UN will say that: Oh! Morocco is a peaceful country with Democracy and no Corruption !!!
    It is a trick by Morocco to fabricate Democracy that never existed in Morocco, just to win Sahara while Innocent Moroccans continue to be abused with their rights denied.

  5. samra says:

    it is sad isnt it !!rachid nini in jail! how many other innocents moroccans are there in mohamed 6 jails? it is the duty of every free moroccan and non moroccan to help bring down this tyrrany that is opressing the whole nation !! when are we ever going to break down this horrible taboo that was set upon us? its very hard for us !! the west is proping up this regime so how come we get rid of it??? with so many ignorant and illiterat people whithin nations of morocco its almost impossible for now!! im not given up,,,,

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