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Jesus Wouldn’t See That Movie and Mohammed Wouldn’t Go On That Demonstration

Moderate Christians, especially those living in Western nations, are always shocked when they are reminded that Muslims, so unlike them, do not turn the other cheek when their religious symbols are attacked. Mocking Islam is tantamount to hugging a killer … Continue reading

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Morocco’s Great Illusion

For the past three months, I have been struggling with the notion that Joseph de Maistre’s famous “every country has the government it deserves,” found in his “Lettres et Opuscules Inédits vol. 1, letter 53,” is indeed an accurate delineation … Continue reading

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The New Court Jester

Before he uttered a word, Mr. Abdelilah Benkirane, the new Moroccan Prime Minister, was made to understand he will be challenged. As he stood before the lectern to address Morocco’s bicameral Parliament, parliamentarian women stood up holding printed slogans expressing … Continue reading

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I Can’t Believe It’s Not Democracy

The unflappable Mr. Abdelillah Benkirane, who billed himself as a spur to political virtue, the ultimate standard-bearer willing to stake his political future on standing up for the people, has succeeded in ushering in a golden age of nonpartisanship when … Continue reading

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Moroccan Government to Citizens: You Supply The Vote, We The Results

Surveying the Moroccan media’s coverage of today’s election, I got the impression the political parties are locked in a vicious, but healthy fight for power. I have intently read, listened, and watched as the leadership of the thirty political parties … Continue reading

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The FBI’s Minority Report

On Wednesday, the FBI arrested Rezwan Ferdaus, a 26-year-old U.S. citizen from Ashland, west of Boston, on terrorism charges. The arrest came as a result of an undercover operation conducted by FBI agents posing as al-Qaeida terrorists. They provided Ferdaus … Continue reading

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Moroccan Hospitals: Poor People Unwanted

Dismayed by the lack of official responsiveness to the humanitarian tragedy in southern Somalia, a group of Moroccan activists launched a campaign on facebook to sensitize the population, mobilize support, and solicit donations. They called on the Moroccan government to … Continue reading

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Morocco’s Constitutional Sleight of Hand

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights – Association Marocaine des Droits Humains (AMDH) made public today, Tuesday July 12th, a pointed report on the July 1st constitutional referendum. It noted the government orchestrated grave transgressions that undermined the electoral process … Continue reading

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A Change You Can’t Believe In

It seems to me the Moroccan people have overwhelmingly democratically chosen an undemocratic constitution. According to Interior Minister Taieb Cherkaoui, over 70% of Moroccans went to polling stations and 98% of voters resoundingly approved the new charter as proposed by … Continue reading

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Because the King Says “Yes”

Before King Mohammed VI concluded his historic speech announcing the greatly anticipated new constitution that he alleged would make Morocco into a viable democracy, thousands of jubilant Moroccans – some unsubstantiated reports described intoxicated crack heads enlisted by government handlers … Continue reading

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Morocco’s New Constitution

  Read why here:

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Betting on the King

The confident and fantastically positive promulgations of the government’s official spokesperson, Khalid Naciri, who seems to have forgotten his moment of ignominy, that the revolution of the people AND the king – as he termed it – is on the … Continue reading

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Silencing Rachid Nini

Rachid Nini, the executive editor of Al-Massae newspaper, was sentenced by a lower court in Ain Sbaa, Casablanca to one year in prison and fined one thousand Moroccan dirhams. He was charged with “grave contempt” to Morocco’s judicial system and … Continue reading

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Moroccan Democratic Reform: Between the Baton and the King’s Speech

There is a consensus among Moroccans that the brutal clampdown of demonstrators was ordered by Moroccan Interior Minister Taieb Cherkaoui who in turn received his guidance from his King. Many believed that after Mohammed VI’s bulleted speech outlining his schedule … Continue reading

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GCC: Scrambling for Allies

No serious predictive analysis could have ever averred that Morocco and Jordan would be considered for membership in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Not even the amazing astrologer Maguy Farah could have predicted it. The GCC’s invitation for Morocco and … Continue reading

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If Fadoua Laroui Had a Suicide Vest…

A misguided notion seems prevalent among Moroccan reformists today; they believe the removal of a corrupt elite will overnight purge the system of all actus reus and mens rea. A revolution for a democratic Morocco where the king is stripped … Continue reading

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Morocco: A Revolution of Fluff

Moroccans have grown impervious to their leadership’s dictatorial hubris. They have come to realize that the internet is an intractable shield that has stripped our Machiavellian leaders off of their protective invisibility cloak and rendered their political dogmatism impotent. They … Continue reading

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The Hunger Trigger

As the din of revolution overwhelmed the Arab streets and thousands of defiant young Arabs, whose visceral anger like scalding lava has been bubbling just below the surface for years and now suddenly bursts into violent demonstrations over their governments’ … Continue reading

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Morocco’s wii Version of Human Rights

2010 expired leaving us with the certitude that the Moroccan government is unable to rise above the impulse to castigate the critical voice that decries the quiddity of its policies. The youth who was arbitrarily arrested and sentenced for attempting … Continue reading

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Chauvinism: A Panacea to Governmental Inefficiency

On the 25th of this month, Members of the European Parliament adopted a resolution strongly denouncing the murderous events that devolved from the dismantlement of the Gdaim Izik protest camp near Laayoune and calling for the UN to spearhead an … Continue reading

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