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Morocco’s Museum Of Things I Can’t Afford

As I sat in Fanajeen, Aasmaa, Akhannouch’s café, contemplating a map of Morocco amputated of its southern provinces in a Morocco Mall brochure while sipping from my 30 dirhams cup of coffee, I couldn’t help thinking Salwa Idrisi Akhannouch, the … Continue reading

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GCC: Scrambling for Allies

No serious predictive analysis could have ever averred that Morocco and Jordan would be considered for membership in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Not even the amazing astrologer Maguy Farah could have predicted it. The GCC’s invitation for Morocco and … Continue reading

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For Life Alone

There are snippets of conversations that cling to your memory insusceptible to the effacing effect of time. I will never forget one such a conversation I had with some American friends twenty years ago. We were having dinner and talking … Continue reading

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The Arab League Summit has concluded on a note the Arab street has, unfortunately, grown accustomed to: hollow rhetoric of condemnations, recycled resolutions chief of which is an independent Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital, and the senselessly obdurate demand … Continue reading

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I remember a time in Baghdad when the pungent smell of decomposing bodies was pervasive. Dead bodies littered the streets for days, even weeks before Iraqis dared to bury them. “We couldn’t come out, but we had to,” says Ja’ffar, … Continue reading

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Not in Palestine. Here in Morocco. Changes in the Moroccan social fabric are easily discernable. One could see how deteriorating the situation of Morocco’s street children is. The poverty is more rampant now than a few years ago. So are … Continue reading

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      (PHOTO BY CANDACE FEIT)  An Article in the Washington Post reported today that Susan E. Rice, a senior fellow from the Brookings Institution and a former assistant secretary of state for African affairs from 1997 to 2001, and Stewart … Continue reading

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