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Jesus Wouldn’t See That Movie and Mohammed Wouldn’t Go On That Demonstration

Moderate Christians, especially those living in Western nations, are always shocked when they are reminded that Muslims, so unlike them, do not turn the other cheek when their religious symbols are attacked. Mocking Islam is tantamount to hugging a killer … Continue reading

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The Moroccan “Paper Terrorist”

When the news that a Moroccan was arrested in Washington, D.C. on charges of terrorism, a friend of mine called. ”I thought it was you,” she joked. But the case of Amine El khalifi is no joke. It profoundly rattled … Continue reading

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The FBI’s Minority Report

On Wednesday, the FBI arrested Rezwan Ferdaus, a 26-year-old U.S. citizen from Ashland, west of Boston, on terrorism charges. The arrest came as a result of an undercover operation conducted by FBI agents posing as al-Qaeida terrorists. They provided Ferdaus … Continue reading

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Post 9/11 Arab American

One week after 9/11, the Bush administration and a large majority of the American people developed the attitude that would later set us on the path to the ebbing of U.S. global authority and shrinking of its self-confidence. It was … Continue reading

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Deciphering Morocco’s Military Procurement Strategy

On May 17, 2011, the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) advised congress on a possible foreign military sale (FMS) estimated at about 50 million U.S. dollars to Morocco. In a continuous effort to revamp its air force inventory, Morocco … Continue reading

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Operation (Thank God) Not Kidney Failure: Osama Bin Laden Dead

Osama Bin Laden is dead… So what! Bin Laden has long ceased to be anything more than a symbolic figure to the hundreds of terrorist groups operating compartmentally throughout the world. Regional terrorist leaders often conducted operations without seeking sanction … Continue reading

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AFRICOM: Gen. Ham Assumes Command

Gen. Carter F. Ham assumed command of U.S. Africa Command Wednesday in Stuttgart, Germany, during a ceremony attended by Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Ham takes over from Gen. William “Kip” Ward who has been at the helm of AFRICOM since … Continue reading

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Grown Men Crying

There are Moroccan “foreign fighters” rotting in Iraqi jails today. Let me take you back to late 2002 and early 2003 when the war rhetoric between a hawkish bush administration and the Saddam regime reached the tipping point. In major … Continue reading

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Morocco’s “Groundhog Day” Terrorist Arrests

According to a communiqué by Morocco’s Ministry of Interior broadcast Saturday 30th, Moroccan authorities have “recently” dismantled two violent extremist cells with links to Al-Qaeda and arrested their members. One cell, made up of four members, is conveniently known as … Continue reading

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Morocco’s Military: Too Conventional For Today’s Asymmetric Threat

To enhance its air combat and air defense capabilities, the Moroccan Royal Air Force (RAF) had requested from and was approved by the United States Congress to purchase AIM-120C-7 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air missiles (AMRAAM) from Raytheon, a U.S. company … Continue reading

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Regional Vigilance, Global Effect

The recent arrests by Morocco ‘security services of twenty-four members of a terrorist network reinforces the country’s position as a viable partner to the U.S. in the global war on terrorism and a major contributor to regional security. The arrests … Continue reading

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U.S. Report on Morocco’s Counterterrorism Strategy

The U.S. Department of State lauded the government of Morocco in its annual report on terrorism published by the Office of the coordinator for terrorism. The strategic report, titled “Country Reports on Terrorism 2008,” was submitted to congress on April … Continue reading

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AFRICOM: Plowing Ahead

Gen. William E. “Kip” Ward appeared before the Armed Services Committee March 18, 2009 to discuss AFRICOM’s challenges in promoting stability and security in Africa. AFRICOM’s efforts are driven by national level requirements with an endstate to degrade and eliminate … Continue reading

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For Life Alone

There are snippets of conversations that cling to your memory insusceptible to the effacing effect of time. I will never forget one such a conversation I had with some American friends twenty years ago. We were having dinner and talking … Continue reading

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Libya’s Coming Of Age

  The newly credentialed United States Ambassador to Tripoli, Gene Cretz, wasted no time in engaging the Libyan government in possible military cooperation in an attempt to secure the burgeoning Libyan arms market for US weapons manufacturers. The United Nations, … Continue reading

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Bring Them Home, But Not For War

Three to four million people are estimated to converge in Washington, D.C. on January 20th, 2009 to witness the momentous inauguration of Barak Hussein Obama as the 44th US president. Inauguration tickets, which are provided to members of the Senate … Continue reading

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AFRICOM Base In Tan Tan Confirmed

  (U.S. Marine Corps Photo by Sergeant Justin Park) AFRICOM has officially assumed all the duties and responsibilities of a full-fledged geographic unified command by taking over from EUCOM and CENTCOM all DoD operations pertaining to 53 African nations except for … Continue reading

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The Ailing Moroccan Security

  The dismantlement by the Moroccan authorities of a homegrown terrorist group flauntingly calling itself “Fath Al Andalus” (Conquest of Andalusia) is laudable. Fifteen members of the group were arrested with chemicals, explosives, and a plan to conduct attacks in … Continue reading

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AFRICOM’s Challenges

  AFRICOM, tasked to consolidate U.S. military responsibilities for all of Africa, excluding Egypt, which will remain a CENTCOM area of operation (AO), and with a 2009 budget in excess of $400 million dollars, is due to be operational October … Continue reading

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Decreasing Violence In Iraq

The Iraqi government has finally put its finger on what it believes to be the leading cause of violence in Iraq. It’s the toy guns. Toy guns and fireworks engender in Iraqi children an increasingly aggressive behavior resulting in criminality. … Continue reading

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